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498: Jaime Pawelek on Pollinator-Friendly Habitats | Urban Farm



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Jaime is the proprietor of Wild Bee Backyard Design and has been finding out native bees for practically 15 years. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a level in Conservation and Useful resource Research in 2008. On the college, she labored within the City Bee Lab with Dr. Gordon Frankie for a number of years the place she discovered concerning the shut relationships of bees and vegetation by observing their interactions all throughout California.   

With the data she discovered, and began designing gardens filled with native and drought tolerant vegetation for owners and companies to assist them create useful pollinator habitats.  She at present works as a taxonomist figuring out bees for numerous researchers across the nation.   

Pay attention in and find out about:

Her time finding out bees at UC Berkley with Gordon Frankie The 20,000 species of bees world wide Sweat bees and the right way to establish them The large variance in dimension of bees Hive bees vs solitary bees  plant for native bees, contemplating what the plant supplies and their flowering season The position of bees in nature and ecosystems Bees vs wasps How bees acquire pollen utilizing static electrical energy The seasonal nature of bees and their lifecycle  encourage floor nesting bees and cavity nesting bees in your backyard Offering water for honeybees and mason bees No-till natural bee gardening and understanding the impression of pesticides  observe your backyard and the bee interactions and what it teaches 

In addition to: 

Her failure Failing her first semester of faculty as a result of she didn’t advocate about what she needed to be taught. Her successMaking a dwelling doing what she likes to do. Her driveCuriosity concerning the pure world. Her recommendationIn the event you plant it, they are going to come! 

Jaime’s submit/recipe on our Weblog 

Pollinator Gardening Suggestions

Jaime’s E book suggestions: 

Our Native Bees: North American’s Endangered Pollinators and the Battle to Save Them by Paige Embry 

attain Jaime: 

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Urban Farming

What’s Causing the Purple Haze Over Arizona? Lumigrow explains – Urban Ag News



PRESS RELEASE – On Friday, January 15th, Navajo County posted a photograph exhibiting a mysterious pink glow over the night time sky. Since this put up, CNN, Fox Information, USA At present, and others have picked up what’s now the #purplehaze viral photograph that has triggered viewers to scratch their heads in disbelief.

Is it an alien spaceship, aerial borealis, or some photo voltaic eclipse? Really, the glow was discovered to return from the led develop lights at Copperstate Farms’ 40-acre hashish greenhouse in Snowflake, Arizona. The distinctive hue of the lights comes from a futuristic sensible lighting know-how by the corporate LumiGrow.

This stunning phenomenon is definitely a uncommon event because of the low-lying fog reflecting the sunshine throughout the night time sky. However the story will get actually sci-fi as soon as we see what’s happening inside the marijuana greenhouse.

The futuristic sensible lighting is getting used to enhance crop yields and high quality, in addition to to regulate the basic methods wherein the crops develop. The led develop lights are wirelessly managed to customise crop morphology and biochemistry for increased high quality plant-based merchandise.

On the LumiGrow web site, these within the pink glow can truly take a tour inside Copperstate Farms within the video tour beneath, however spoiler alert, Prince isn’t taking part in guitar with smoke billowing round them as a few of you hoped.

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Urban Farming

Giant star Betelgeuse may have eaten a smaller companion



Two Turn into One

The pink large star Betelgeuse is a fixture of astronomy analysis due to its large dimension and shut proximity to Earth. However regardless of numerous observations, scientists nonetheless haven’t been in a position to clarify a number of of the star’s weird traits.

Now, a group of astronomers from Louisiana State College in Baton Rouge has constructed a brand new mannequin that would reply lingering questions on Betelgeuse — by positing that it was as soon as two stars.

Unusual Combo

Betelgeuse is what’s referred to as a runaway star, a time period used to explain stars transferring at faster-than-expected speeds. It additionally has rotational price of between 17,700 and 53,000 kilometers per hour (11,000 and 33,000 miles per hour), which is quicker than anticipated given Betelgeuse’s life stage.

“For such a well-known star that everybody is aware of and loves, no one has tried to clarify the mixture of those two issues,” LSU astronomer Manos Chatzopoulos instructed

Yeet and Eat

Through the 235th assembly of the American Astronomical Society earlier this month, Chatzopoulos and his colleagues offered their doable clarification, which they plan to undergo The Astrophysical Journal.

Researchers already imagine that Betelgeuse originated from the Orion OB1 affiliation, which is full of stars. Chatzopoulos’ group posits that interactions with the gravities of these stars may’ve flung Betelgeuse — and a smaller companion star — away from the area, explaining its excessive velocity.

Betelgeuse might have later devoured that companion star, in response to Chatzopoulos — and that will’ve affected its outer layers in a manner that will clarify its quick rotation.

READ MORE: Brilliant star Betelgeuse may be harboring a deep, darkish secret []

Extra on runaway stars: A Runaway Star Is Escaping a Black Gap at 1.2 Million MPH

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Urban Farming

Scientists: Human hibernation is entirely possible



Bears often is the most well-known instance, however they aren’t the one animals able to hibernating.

Numerous forms of squirrels, bats, and even birds may also decrease their our bodies’ core temperatures, placing themselves in a state of dormancy for weeks and even months at a time — and in the future, people might be part of them on that checklist.

“We couldn’t discover any showstoppers, any motive it wouldn’t be potential,” John Bradford, an aerospace engineer researching human hibernation for NASA, not too long ago instructed The Atlantic.

Bradford’s NASA work ought to clue you into one of many causes scientists are so concerned about human hibernation: it may very well be helpful for deep-space journey.

If astronauts might enter a state of hibernation for, say, a journey to Mars, they wouldn’t have to convey as a lot meals or water with them and provided that the price of house journey will increase with each extra pound, much less is sort of all the time preferable to extra.

They may additionally journey in smaller spacecraft since they wouldn’t want room to maneuver round, and so they might potentially keep away from psychological stress related to lengthy durations of isolation in deep house.

Nonetheless, whereas Bradford and different scientists who spoke to The Atlantic don’t suppose human hibernation is inconceivable, additionally they have but to determine how you can do it.

A number of are at present focusing their analysis on discovering a drug that might safely drop a human’s core temperature. If they’ll accomplish that, they’ll have cleared one of many greatest hurdles to human hibernation — and, maybe, paved the best way for deep-space exploration as nicely.

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