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By: Elisa Wood  | Green Energy & Technology Journalist


Corporations like LUXORR TECHNOLOGIES are striving to set a higher bar by achieving greater corporate governance policies to impact strong eco-sustainability and accountability standards even more so marked by Kyoto Protocol limits.

Sydney, Australia (Associated Press) – With the growing emergence of LED lights (light-emitting diodes) or solid-state lighting) it is almost everywhere we turn and the question remains, what is the meaning of how LEDs play a factor in “Environmental Impact Technology”, and how does this translate to the importance on a worldwide scale and what factors impact the earth as a whole.  This relates to consider issues surrounding the over-consumption of natural resources, pollution and contamination to water sources, polluting agents and waste, impact from the very beginning of the production system to the recycling process and waste disposal.

The ecological-compatibility of LED light sources drives its own composition.  LEDs operate in compliance with US/Canadian/EU and global standard directive RoHS (the acronym for Reduction of Hazardous Substances Directive) which strictly enforces the eliminating use and disposal of products containing polybrominated biphenyl, hexavalent chromium, mercury, chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, ethers and most importantly lead.

With regard to measuring sustainable development, the use of this new technology makes a strong pledge to significantly reduce the environmental impact on the planet while producing an extremely significant reduction of gas emissions such as CO2 (or carbon dioxide) with no use of mercury which greatly contributes to water/soil contamination. The impact of increased amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere results in a catastrophic increase in “the greenhouse effect” contributing to the rise in the global average temperature. This, when measured to a combined global reduction, has enormous effects, since lighting is a bare necessity which otherwise leaves us unable to function.  A general climate warming has led many countries to sign the Kyoto Protocol: an agreement in which Nations officially agree to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

A significant player in the reduction of carbon emissions has been LUXORR TECHNOLOGIES, which is involved in the manufacturing of industrial long life LEDs which reduces waste 6X compared to the average LED tubes and 10X compared to that of fluorescent tubes.  That possess significant savings and waste reduction.

Vickar Kahn, CEO of LUXORR has taken a strong approach to what he refers to as “creating a revolution of sustainability” for greater impact towards a global movement of change and awareness.  With their creation of their “Clean Energy Offset”(C.E.O) LUXORR TECHNOLOGIES is hoping to make a massive impact as a responsible global corporation with a truly significant impact of a green footprint towards our planet.

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Editorial News

An ever-increasing ‘Circular Economy’ will sustain our environment and our future



By: Michael Banks | Green Sustainability Contributor

(LUXORR MEDIA) – In keeping with the World Financial Discussion board, a Round Economic system is an industrial system that’s restorative or regenerative by design and intention. In different phrases, it replaces the notion of the tip of life idea.

Day by day from the time we rise up to the time we go to mattress we create waste and throw issues away by behavior. Presently most of us are by-products in behavior of a ‘Linear Economic system’ which is the place we take assets, the place merchandise are produced, then used till they’re sooner or later discarded as waste. A ‘Round Economic system’ entails a worth proposition retention of minimizing waste whereas making use of our assets so long as attainable after which reusing it for different usages. In different phrases, lowering supplies wants and waste, reusing merchandise and merchandise elements and at last recycling supplies.

Biodegradable supplies are sometimes utilized in a Round Economic system. The thought is to get again to nature and restrict injury to the atmosphere. Batteries, technological gear, and digital merchandise may also be utilized in a round financial system by giving them new life in a brand new manufacturing cycle and a perhaps completely different utilization that may s innocent to the atmosphere. The thought is to make reuse of things that had been as soon as discarded is turning into extra frequent as we grow to be conscious of the chances that what was thrown away has the potential for use as soon as once more. Zero waste is the aim in order that landfills won’t be an possibility.

The European Union produces greater than 2.5 Billion tonnes of waste yearly, simply think about if we may scale back this in time to half that quantity and perhaps sooner or later nearer to zero. Waste administration is the middle of a round financial system. Dwelling in a purchase and eat society has made it in order that we can’t proceed down this path any longer.

Just a few examples of proactive firms which are concerned in a Round Economic system idea that’s making a distinction is Johnson Controls. A Firm that has managed to design a battery that’s 99% sustainable by encouraging shoppers of standard batteries to recycle, the corporate acquired sufficient supplies to stop lots of of thousands and thousands of poisonous batteries going to landfills. One other instance is Pharrell Williams together with his clothes firm ‘RAW for the Ocean’ which recovers plastic discovered on the shoreline into wearable vogue corresponding to denims, t-shirts and even kimonos. The plastic is damaged down and was a wearable clothes fiber referred to as Bionic Yarn. A Finnish firm ‘Aquazone’ upcycles wastewater into fertilizer, The handled water for irrigation, and likewise recycled into ingesting water whereas the sludge is used as an natural fertilizer. The time has come to ´scale back, reuse and recycle. The subsequent time you go for a stroll sporting Timberland sneakers, remember that the outsoles are constituted of the tip of life tires which are made right into a rubber sheet crumb. Pleased strolling.

The long run shifting to the brand new methodology of a ‘Round Economic system’ simply because the World Inhabitants explodes and the variety of shoppers will increase.

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